Get to know us better (musically) – Simon

Posted: August 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

1. Who is your favourite drummer? I want to split this into two sections, because it has to be. It’s easy to quote the famously recognised and miss the equally talented majority of musicians that make up the entertainment industry.
Internationally recognised drummers: Gilsen Lavis. I would go and see Gilsen whenever I can, he is dynamic and subtle. He is explosive, distinctive and interpretive. Other drummers that have influenced me across genres are Karen Carpenter, Emmanuelle Caplette, Pick Withers, Mick Fleetwood, Jon Bonham and Steve Gadd. 

Brilliant local drummers: the much missed Les Feast, Roger Diamond and Nick Walker. All had an effect on me, of how to push yourself, to be better and to never stop being creative. Collectively they lit a fire back in me that had begun to glower, just by practicing what is the art of drumming and allowing me to see that I was a contributing part of that art. And finally my dad, who drummed in a different era, for whom I thank for the most important lesson. After teaching some very basic technique he said “…you have to work this out for yourself your way, or you will never have individuality. Do what feels right and change what feels wrong. If you can’t do that you shouldn’t sit behind a drum kit” (a little harsh for an eight year old though).


2. Who is your favourite guitarist? After 30 years of hearing him play, it must be Colin Morris, my longest band buddy. There is scarcely anything he can’t or won’t play. But if you want to know about the big players, then it would be Mark Knopfler (who I have shaken hands with, a really nice bloke), Lindsay Buckingham and Gerry Rafferty.


3. Who is your favourite bassist? Herbie Flowers and Jon Ilsley. Locally, Barry Field and or course my long term band buddy Pete Glass. I have played with a lot of bass players and each encounter brings a different dimension to my own playing.  


4. Who are your favorite band? Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits, and the Macs Diner Band. I can’t separate them


5. Who is your favourite soloist? Barbara Dickson…. My folk side.


6. What is your favorite song? Whatever’s Written In Your Heart: Gerry Rafferty; It defines my philosophy.


7. What is your favourite Screaming Cherry song? Creep, but everything really. I get a buzz out of all of it. I like challenging technique, but it has to bring something to the piece. It can’t be superfluous; it must be part of the soul of the lyric.

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