Get to know us better (musically) – Emma

Posted: August 11, 2015 in Uncategorized
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In the next series of posts (while we are back to the rehearsing thang) we hope will show you are somewhat eclectic musicality. Today, it is Emma’s turn.

  1. Who is your favourite singer?  Eddi Reader, hands down.  My mum was/is a big Fairground Attraction fan and so I’ve grown up hearing her voice.  Over the years I have followed her solo career more and absolutely loved ‘The Songs of Robert Burns’.  I’ve seen her twice in concert.  Love her!
  2. Who is your favourite guitarist? It depends on the genre.  I love John Williams if we are talking about classical music.  I once learned to play Cavatina, but can’t remember it now.  My favorite lead guitarist is Peter Green because his phrasing is just so simple and beautiful.  My favorite folk guitarist is Newton Faulkner.  The stuff he does is so clever.
  3. Who is your favourite saxophonist? I can’t say that I especially have a favourite.  I used to listen to Abdullah Ibrahim a lot, but really I prefer something more bluesy and rough sounding.
  4. Who are your favorite band?  If I can’t have Fairground Attraction (Eddi Reader again), then I would say Walk Off the Earth.  They seem like so much fun, are so talented, and innovative in their performance of the music.
  5. Who is your favourite soloist? KT Tunstall.  She is incredibly talented as a songwriter and performer, I love the loop pedal stuff.
  6. What is your favorite song?  The song I consider to be ‘my song’ is Perfect by Fairground Attraction.  But if that is, again, too repetitive then I don’t know.  I have favourite songs in every genre and it depends very much on my mood.
  7. What is your favourite Screaming Cherry song?  I love singing Stop by Sam Brown because it is very challenging.  Anything like that, which soars and pushes me musically

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