A magical fairytale at the Railway Bell, Dover

Posted: July 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

Once upon a time, four minstrels travelled many leagues to a tavern in the mythical land of River, close to the seaport of Dover. There they did entertain the folk with their songs and the folk were indeed friendly and of great musical knowledge and taste.  Through the window one of the four friends spied a tall bearded figure whom one could unmistakably identify as Gandalf the Grey, that mysterious friend of hobbits. By his side was the beautiful and feared Snow Queen, her icy jewels glittering upon her head. They did enter the hostelry whereupon they were joined by several mystical creatures. A leprechaun, three fairies and the King himself!  One fairy did declare that ’twas her birthday and so the traditional songs must be sung.  The visitors danced and the minstrels played, even long after the time when they should have finished, since the King himself demanded they play on.  The Snow Queen did request that most famed folk song ‘Mustang Sally’, which, though the minstrels did not know the song well, they played, and the fairies and the Snow Queen did lead much of the singing of this notorious tune, weaving their magic over the crowd. The time came for the minstrels to depart, which they did with great sorrow.  They bade their fairytale friends good night and returned to the road. One cannot be sure where the minstrels are to be found when music is not to be played, but it is fabled that they will be arriving at the Plough Inn when fourteen nights have passed in that land of plenty known as Ripple, for something they refer to as a ‘barbecue’. It is said this is for that magical group, the ‘Deal Breastfeeding Support Group’. (3-7pm 2nd August, more info very shortly…oops, broke narrative)

Seriously though, we love the Railway Bell and the costumes were great!  see you soon! Em, Col, Simon and Pete.

20150718_223853 20150718_231040  20150718_232742

  1. Entertaining as a band and now as writers. Cool.

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