Fab gig at the Britannia, Margate

Posted: June 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

Saturday was so hot wasn’t it?! I’d spent the day at kid’s parties and rock pooling at the beach at Dumpton Gap. A little sunburnt and dehydrated, I turned up at the Brittania. what a stunning venue!  With the sea visible behind us through the massive window and the sun slowly going down on this lovely summer’s day…well it was just lovely. 

I’ve had a throat infection all week so that’s been pretty rubbish, and I’d been worried I wouldn’t be well enough. But, yet again it was ‘alright on the night’.

The crowd were great and we made some amazing new friends. We are also very impressed with the changes since the new management have taken over. It’s a great music venue!  We had a fab time and Simon just about managed to survive the heat-related cramp by welding his hands into a drumstick holding shape. Thanks so much everybody for a really fun night and we hope to be back really soon. In the meantime, you can see us on the 18th July at the Railway Bell, River (Dover).   More details coming soon. 

Em (and Pete, Colin and Simon)


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