Holey 270215-1SWed 1BThere was more than the superb floor at the Hole in The Roof, Deal in Kent last Friday night that related to fever.

Its one of those things. Everyone gets unwell, and despite a brilliant gig the audience would have been completely unaware of the drama that the band were dealing with. All of the band were either recovering from, or descending into being ill, with Bassist Pete Glass fighting back coughing fits still and  Guitarist Colin Morris finishing the night unable to stand. At the close of the Gig Colin had to be helped to is car and sent directly back home due to fever from a virus. Also affected was the Van…’Henry’… who’s battery went completely flat and had to be jump started. Drummer Simon Willins was also running a fever and Vocalist and Guitarist / Saxophonist Emma Rosen just shifting sinusitis from earlier in the week.

All the drama aside, as soon as the medication kicked in Screaming Cherry filled the venue with more than their unique sound. The house was packed, The music was brilliant and the crowd were superb ; a tremendous night had by all. A huge thank you to the stoicism of the sick ones who as usual, put in an astounding performance despite illness and we look forward to returning to the Hole in The Wall later in the year. We will be back in Deal soon but are currently playing across the south east. We can be reached via our website http://www.screamingcherry.co.uk or via Facebook or Twitter for updates and to book the band.

Huge thanks also to Stuart Rosen for the Van Guard, and to Hazel Willins for the above photo. More photos to come.

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