So Who Are Screaming Cherry? 4/4

Posted: January 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

Emma Rosen

Vocalist, Guitarist and Sax Player

Emma  was a guitarist long before she was a singer and busked and banded her way through University. She was a founder member of Screaming Cherry in 2006 and after four years of gigging took a break to have a family. Emma is married with two adorable little mites. Emma learned sax while still at the age of 15 and has taken singing for granted pretty much as’ just something you do’. She has an outstanding and identifiable voice that brings warmth and emotion to the songs she sings and is the complete compliment to the band. Outside of music Emma  teaches sciences, has an MA in education and is a marine biologist. She is also a black belt at karate and has some dark power related to the force. Techy Bits PA is a Peavey CS800 with black widow speakers, a Behringer FX1222 mixer and an AKG mic Guitars are a Gretsch electro acoustic called Brian, A Tanglewood electro acoustic and the sax is an Artemis MkII


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