So Who Are Screaming Cherry? 3/4

Posted: January 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

Colin Morris


61422_1623952479730_1264042588_1701125_5161821_nColin has played guitar for over 45 years in bands such as the Imposters, Feenix, DMC, Naked Truth and many others. He is a lexicon of modern contemporary music and is quietly and understatedly brilliant. He is a founder member of Screaming Cherry and has a definitely distinctive style. Outside of music Colin is a retinal photographer and has worked as a professional portrait photographer. He is also hard to get on camera. His chief influences are Eric Clapton and perhaps Status Quo, but his style is incredibly broad. He can be an inspired composer of music.

Colin is married with a suitably talented daughter.

Techy Bits:

Colin is currently gigging with a Laney LC30 valve amp fitted with a 10″  HH Invader speaker and 4X10 extension Cabinet.

He is using an American Fender Lead II, A Westfield electro acoustic, A couple of Strat copies and a pile of spaghetti we cant figure out.

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