So Who Are Screaming Cherry? 2/4

Posted: January 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

Simon Willins:


Simon has played drums for 43 years starting at 8 years old. He has mastered a wide variety of styles and has a full  sound but with 304853_319815981447137_2016205683_ndelicate intricacies. He has owned his own Carpentry and joinery business but now teaches construction outside of music.

Simon has played in local bands and worked sessionally, He is a founder member of screaming Cherry along with Colin Morris, Pete Glass and Emma Rosen.

Since age 16 Simon has played a large concert kit and which can look a little daunting on the floor but as he often points out “IT only takes up the same space as a small drum kit… My arms are only so long!” … (yeah…so’s an orang-utans)

Other talents include really bad jokes and packing and enormous amount of stuff in a very small space.

Full bio can be found at

Simon is married and has two grown up step children and a mad dog called Charlie.


Techie Bits:

Simon plays open matched grip, so the ride cymbals are to the left and the crash are to the right as you sit at the drum kit

Simon has four kits, A Peal Export, A Gretsch Catalina, A premier Cabria, and a Sonor kit.  Currently in use are:


Gretsch Catalina in Mocha Fade 22″ bass, 16″, 14″, 12″,10″, 8″ and a 14″ snare. 8″ and 6″ premier concert and 8″ and 12″ rototoms.

Premier P80 footpedal

Premier Trilok hi hat and loose stands

Gibraltar Rack

Zildjian 22″ ping Ride

Meinle 22″ crash Ride

Zyn sizzler 20″

Zildjian ZXT 20″, 18″ crash

Stagg 8″ dark bell

Wuhan 8″ splash

Paiste Rude 14″

Pearl Timpani throne

12″ floor fan

In the stick Bag: Hickory with nylon tip size 5B

AHEAD composite sticks 5B

Cymbal felt hammers and Ratan sticks


Kit is wired for mics using Shure inserts and in use are a pair of Behringer FX1222 mixers to feed out to the PA when required




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