So Who Are Screaming Cherry? 1 of 4

Posted: January 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

Screaming Cherry Rock Band


Pete Glass:


Pete Glass

This is Pete’s second term Screaming Cherry, returning in January of 2014. Pete has played in bands since he was 16 years old and has played in a number of bands at professional and semi professional level including Band Aid. He first played with Guitarist Colin Morris and drummer Simon Willins when he formed the band DMC.
 Pete has a distinctive style that employs counter harmonics to great effect providing a unique angle to the bands overall sound that is very much Screaming Cherry as an identity.
 Pete is a classically trained player with roots in swing and jazz which Screaming Cherry DON’T EVER PLAY!
Pete is a talented musician, outdoorsman  and Dad with a capital D, super reliable with a silly sense of humour ( and you need that in Screaming Cherry)
Techie Bits for Gearheads:


Pete mainly uses a Warwick Corvette Std…

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